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Picking Purple Grapes

A Local Family Vineyard

After spending more than twenty years in a FIFO role, Stewart and Kelly had finally had enough of the city chaos. They made the bold decision to leave it all behind and pursue a more relaxed lifestyle. Their destination was Bunderra Estate, a breath taking 200-acre farm located in Boyup Brook, Western Australia's scenic Blackwood Valley Region.

Bunderra Estate, a once-thriving vineyard nestled in the picturesque countryside, boasted a legacy of producing remarkable, award-winning wines. The foundations laid by former owners Trevor and Mary Dickinson provided the inspiration and guidance for our venture into the world of viticulture. With their extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for winemaking, they imparted valuable insights into the nuances of cultivating premium grape varieties. As we embark on this new chapter at Bunderra Estate, we are committed to honouring the legacy of excellence established by its previous stewards.

Drawing upon the expertise and rich heritage of the Dickinson's, we endeavour to carry forward their dedication to crafting exceptional wines. The fertile soil, favourable climate, and idyllic setting of Bunderra Estate create an environment conducive to producing grapes of unparalleled quality. By combining traditional methods with modern innovations, we aspire to elevate the estate's reputation even further while respecting the roots from which it sprouted. At Bunderra Estate, our vision is to continue creating wines that reflect not only our passion but also the essence of this remarkable land.

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